Beaches, Mountains, and Deserts: See The Diverse Beauty of South America

by Michael Bonocore

We first found Morten Rustad  when we published his popular ’10 Must See Places in Norway’ video. It was obvious from the time-lapse clips in the video that Rustad was a talented filmmaker, but with his latest film, ‘South America 8K’, Rustad proves that he is one of the best, and hardest working, time-lapsers in the business.

On Rustad’s website, he describes the incredible about of work that went into developing the nearly eight minutes of jaw dropping scenes from some of South America’s most pristine locations. 

One year of travel, nine countries, countless hours on buses, motorbikes, and cars. Hundreds of thousands of images taken. 30TB of data used, 5 months of editing. The time-lapse film features South America like it has never been before with images from Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

And Rustad is right. We have never seen South America quite like this. We sat down with the filmmaker to talk briefly about the process of making a film of this magnitude. 

“The sheer amount of work that goes into these films, and this one in particular, is staggering. What was the most challenging aspect of creating this film?”

I think being in a completely new country where everything is different from home was the most difficult thing about this project. I didn’t know the language, any people, and most importantly I didn’t know how the nature behaved. As time went by I got more experience and things got easier, and I got more confidence that I could handle the conditions.

“Most of your scenes involve remote sections of nature. Is so much solitude challenging when creating your films? Do you ever feel the need to stay in a town for a couple of days to find some human interaction?”

I enjoy spending time with only nature and myself, so that was never really a problem. A book or a podcast can make me feel a little less lonely if needed.

“Can you tell us a little about your next project? How about your ultimate ‘dream’ film?”

I’m aiming for a trip to Pakistan this summer if everything goes as planed. A big dream for me would be to do a sequel in Africa, but that would require extensive planning and funding.

After watching Rustad’s vision of South America, it’s easy to get excited for his trip and film from Pakistan, as well as his other future adventures. We will undoubtedly be sharing his future work here on Resource Travel, but in the meantime, Follow Morten Rustad on his websiteYouTubeInstagram and Facebook.

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